Sunday, 2 August 2009

Joseph's Door Plaque

This weekend I have been making a door plaque for my son Joseph. To make one of these you will need two coasters for every letter in the name you are using, chipboard letters for each letter, a length of ribbon, scraps of designer paper and an ink pad of your choice and some plain coloured card stock.

Measure the size of your coaster then cut a front piece (in the designer paper) for every letter and a back piece (in the plain card stock). Cover the coasters with s front of back piece of paper so every coaster has one covered side. Take the chipboard letters and colour them using the ink pad. While these are dying line up the back coaster and place a line of sticky strip across the middle of each one. Peel the backing off and cover with the ribbon. Stick the front panels onto the back. Finally when your chipboard letters have dried, glue the onto the front of your door plaque.

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